AisleFire is an information and marketing services company at the forefront of modern retailing. We leverage proprietary sensor fusion algorithms and IoT technologies to enable a new generation of mobile applications for brick & mortar retail – where 90% of consumer commerce occurs. Our mobile applications solve vexing problems and enable new solutions, including: FloorSafe™, a floor inspection service that helps retailers reduce the incidence of slip and falls; TripStream ™ analytics that inform retailers and brands about their shoppers’ in-store path to purchase; and a marketing platform that presents personalized advertising and digital coupons to shoppers at the point of decision when they’re in-aisle within arm’s reach of products


The company was founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs with deep expertise in mobile technology, supermarket and consumer packaged goods (CPG) data analytics, digital promotional marketing services, retailer marketing and brand marketing. It is backed by venture investors Data Collective and Promus Ventures, and has offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Tampa.

Bill Purcell, Co-Founder and CEO

Prior to AisleFire, Bill was co-founder and CEO of Market6, a retail analytics applications company used by large supermarket retailers and over 700 suppliers to advance and improve collaborative planning and execution across the supply chain. In addition, he co-founded efficient market services (ems) with Wayne Levy, and served as the CEO and founder of planet U, the pioneering digital promotions company that created the first “load-to-card” paperless coupon, which is now part of Coolsavings.com. He also co-founded and led sales and marketing for Apollo Space Management Systems, the analytical software that transformed the way CPGs and retailers design and execute shelf-planning. His career also includes roles with Information Resources (IRI) as SVP of Marketing and Sales; and a variety of marketing, IT and operational roles with American Stores (now Supervalu).

Wayne Levy, Co-Founder and CTO

Wayne brings over 25 years of experience in designing and building innovative big data analytics applications for retailers and CPGs. Prior to AisleFire, Wayne co-founded Market6 with Bill. As CTO, Wayne built the applications that provide grocers and their supply chain partners with analytics and demand forecasts that are used by trading partners for collaborative planning and execution.

He previously served as co-founder, CTO and then CEO of efficient market services (ems), which delivered next-day sales and forecasting data for Kroger and its trading partners. As the Executive Vice President of Nielsen, he designed, developed, and operated some of the most widely used big data analytic and marketing research tools used by retailers and CPGs globally. His career also includes roles at DDB Needham, a global advertising agency; and with HJ Heinz.


Wayne earned his master’s of sociology from the University of Chicago.

Eric Williams, Advisor

Eric is an accomplished and innovative leader in promotion, retail technology, consumer analytics, loyalty executions and mobile solutions for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPGs) companies. He is an inventor with numerous US and International patents.


Eric has a breadth of expertise in marketing, software design, retail operations and information technology. Before co-founding AisleFire, Eric was the EVP, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Privacy Officer for Catalina Marketing Corporation (CMC), where he directed all strategic technology, R&D and new application initiatives. In that role, he led the development of the company’s multi-petabyte data warehouse and created the first “Internet delivered” loyalty marketing solution for basket-level data management. Earlier, he was the VP of R&D for Catalina’s Supermarkets Online Division; and was VP of Retail Operations for Catalina Information Resources. Prior to joining Catalina, he served in sales and marketing roles with Retail Management Systems and Datachecker systems.