• Transforms brick & mortar stores into location-aware environments.

  • The same location-sensing platform efficiently supports a suite of Operations, Shopper Insights and In-Aisle Marketing Services

AisleFire’s “location-sensing” platform efficiently supports a full suite of operational, insights and marketing services for retailers and CPGs. We transform traditional brick & mortar retail environments into connected ones, enabling new solutions that solve fundamental problems and create new opportunities.

The X/Y Grid - The Foundation of our Platform

AisleFire creates the in-store equivalent of popular mapping applications that use “X/Y” coordinates. We map the store, understand traffic patterns, incorporate product locations and apply predictive pathing algorithms to match people, products, and “things” like displays and equipment in real time.

How Do We Do It?

AisleFire deploys Bluetooth beacons in critical locations throughout the store that match the appropriate level of service.


We create unique digital “fingerprints” that incorporate signals from multiple beacons, and merge them with information from sensors such as accelerometers and magnetometers on mobile phones. These fingerprints are then associated with physical locations on our X/Y Grid map of the store.

Matching People and Things to the X/Y Grid

Our operations and marketing applications interact with these signals, enabling us to precisely match a mobile device to a specific location in the store in real-time.