Trips, slips and falls happen. Customers get hurt. Retailers can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year per store covering these costs, but don’t have the information and insights to change safety practices that might dramatically reduce the number of slip and falls. And if there’s litigation, they lack the indisputable evidence of reasonable care they need to reduce settlements costs. 

The Hands-Free Floor Inspection Solution

The Floorsafe mobile app tracks the path of employees as they conduct inspections throughout the store, and builds an indisputable record of every department and every aisle they visit – time, sequence, duration and cleanup activities. 

Just log-in and go. There’s no need for the employee to do anything with the device while they inspect and clean the floor – they can focus on the task at hand. To record a spill and any clean-up actions, the employee has the option to photograph or categorize the type of incident and verify that the area was cleaned. All data – employee paths, photos, records and notes – are geo-tagged and time stamped. 

Easy to Use

Track Safety Equipment

Floorsafe can passively track the location of safety equipment-- brooms, buckets or wet floor signs -- as they are deployed on the floor. Knowledge of the movement of safety equipment can create a powerful record of reasonable care.

Insights That Can Help Reduce Slip & Falls
‚ÄčData from each floor inspection are uploaded to the AisleFire Cloud where we apply TripStream analytics to develop path and locations information, which in turn fuels the data streams, reports and alerts we provide back to the retailer. 

Unimpeachable Litigation Support Database
Data is stored in the AisleFire cloud, which can’t be accessed or tampered with by 3rd parties. If there’s litigation, plaintiffs won’t challenge the veracity of the data – unlike paper logs and video files that can be easily tampered.

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