Reach Shoppers Where it Matters Most

The AisleFire in-aisle mobile media and marketing platform makes it possible for retailers and CPGs to communicate directly with shoppers when they’re in-aisle within a few feet of products.

We deliver instantly redeemable digital coupons, rebates, advertising, recipes, product information and more directly to the shopper’s mobile phone as they journey through the store. The mobile media and marketing platform integrates into retailer, brand or third party apps, and can be customized for each partner’s specific marketing needs.

Continuously Updates as the Shopper Travels Through the Store


As the shopper journeys through the store, the retailer's app - powered by AisleFire - is updated based on the shopper's precise location with relevant coupons, advertising and information.
Digital coupons, ads, recipes, new product announcements and more.... all presented on the shopper's mobile phone when they are in the aisle within a few feet of the shelf. 

A Full Suite of In-Aisle Communications and Promotional Capabilities

Instantly Redeemable Digital Coupons

Clipped coupons are instantly redeemed through the POS when the shopper enters their loyalty card ID.

Advertising, Product Information, Recipes and More

Banner ads can link to recipes or full page ads.

Use advertising and full pages in other relevant areas of the store for retailer tie-ins, meal solutions or group promotions.





Uncover the In-Store Blind Spot

CPGs and retailers know a lot about consumer behavior outside the store. But they haven’t had good visibility about a shopper's behavior inside the store. Until now.


AisleFire removes the blind spot, enabling new types of analytics and measures that we make possible by marrying the shopper’s in-store journey with their response to mobile media, merchandising and promotions. We then compare that response with transaction data.

Measure Conversion Rates with TripStream Analytics

TripStream analytics provides insights and measures that are similar to the “clickstream” data that e-commerce merchants so successfully rely upon to understand online shoppers and present them with promotions and recommendations they’re interested in.

Exposure Rates

Number of shoppers that potentially viewed your brand.

Before and After

Where in the store did a shopper visit before being exposed to your brand? Where did they go after?

Shopping Trip Type & Length

Did the shopper purchase your product during a "quick" trip, or a "stock-up" trip?

Day of the Week & Time of Day

How does shopper behavior differ on a weekend vs. weekday? Daytime vs. nighttime?

Response to Mobile Media & Promotions

Measure response to coupon offers, in-aisle advertising, recipes, product information or other mobile media.

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